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GOJAL-HUNZA :-  Faqir Ullah Khan

Second edition of FACE (Foundation for Arts, Culture & Education) Music Mela ended at Passu with the marvelous performances of the Local, National and International Artists with diverse cultural backgrounds.

On first day a workshop was conducted for the Musicians , Filmmakers from local community. while the Second day show started in the after noon with opening speech and traditional Wakhi Welcome Song “Sho Muborakbod” by the folks here. Dawoodi Band accompanied with local dance thrilled the audience in the scorching weather but the Mashup performance by Diamond Jubilee Middle School Passu Students make the audience stand on their feet. As the evening approaches the audience rushed towards the show from the surrounding villages and districts even domestic and international tourists plunged in the show in greater number then last year.

Famous folk singers from Gilgit-Baltistan; Salman Paras, Brushaski Fusion Zia Karim , Wild Mangoes classic rock, Saakin Sufi rock, Cosmic Fluid Psychedelic Retro Electro, Irfan ali Taj & Zoe Viccanji, Khumariyan- Pashtu Folk and Umair Jaswal-Pop/Rock thrilled and measmerized the audience with there songs, qawalies and sparking performances. Different stalls were also installed at the festival.

Most of the audiences enjoyed the show with valor and zest while the elders and local folks considered it as a shock to their indigenous culture because evidences of drug uses by the domestic tourists were observed around the venue which is unethical and unacceptable to the cultural norms and values, as tourists are expected to take care of the eco-system and cultural value of the destinations.

The District administration DC-Hunza appreciated the efforts of FACE Management and showed the commitment for tourism development in Gilgit-Baltistan. International tourists were much impressed with the festival and friendly people of Hunza, Pakistan.

A famous singer from GB Salman Paras considered the FACE Music Mela as an opportunity for exploring the rich culture, Artists, Musicians, Natural beauty and for the promotion of tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

FACE organizers expressed their views about the Festival as “Though the Show this year was much improved and well managed but there is still room for improvements and innovations like to add arts and educational activities in coming years.

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