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A dearest word to world is mother. Care and love are best suited with sister and daughter, and obediance and respect are supreme facets of wife. Woman in any shape is the real architect of the society. I know it is hard for many men to admit, but if you simply step back and be honest with yourself for a minute­­ __minus the egos and pride_ you would admit it. I do remember those days, when my mother uses to train me on “how to talk” and “how to walk”. The result of her tireless efforts made me pure human being to understand the value of women on the earth. She made me full with love, affection and goodwill as natural instinct.

As the fact, I also grew up in a patriarchal society__ male dominated society_ where woman is considered mere a symbol family’s honor and dignity. Women are considered as private property and they are confined to homes to look after Children and protect the male’s reputation and pride. However, I am raised up by a woman, my mother, and I speaking up because I am motivated and inspired from my mother/sister/family members and loved ones. The role of a woman as mother, sister and wife is undeniable.

Women are integral part of our society. They are entitled to equality in every sphere of life. Our society’s backwardness can directly be attributed to the denied role of women in the societal development. The basic unit of society is women. A woman makes family, family makes a home and homes make societies. So, we should never think that a society would come into existence without the contribution of women. We all knows that education is the only tool through which we can achieve the glories, and without educating women; the development is a nightmare. I strongly condemned the brutal attack on girl’s schools in Diamer District. Such brutish activities can never stop women to acquire education. These activities are should be discouraged and I request the clergies at the point please raise the issue of female education locally and raise its importance in Friday sermons as well. Today’s girl is tomorrow’s mother and the mother’s lap is the basic school of your Child. These children are your fortune and leaders of tomorrow. Thus, it is vital to educate your women for your better future. A women seeks from you is only your time, care and unconditional love in respect of her countless services which she gives you. Respect her.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad said may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him: “Be at your mother’s feet and there is the Paradise”. (Ibn Majah, Sunan, Hadith no 2771).

The Gov,t of Gilgit-Baltistan is subjected to the matter to create awareness locally by means of religious and political tools. Ministry of women development and social affairs is directly related with this matter. The respected minister Mrs. Sobia Jabeen Muqadam always tries her best, I pay a special tribute to her efforts, yet this is not enough for that holy job of women development in all the spheres of life especially in the field of education. This job requires stalwart efforts. Gov,t must take necessary action on behalf of ministry of women development and must abolish the socially constructed norms against women and all the feudalistic values of keeping women in prison of four walls_ houses_ must be demolished. The importance of women must highlight through religious means. Make it compulsory in Friday sermons in all sects to highlight the role and importance of women in society. Masajid board can play its role in this regard and also academia can plays their vital role in promoting the role of women in society. Besised all above, the most important and effecctive mean to create awerness and developing public opinion is Media. Gov,t should focus and highlight this matter through electronic, print and social media. All this requires sturdy efforts.

In the conclusion I can say that, to be a nation of dignity and pride it is dire need that our woman must be educated and get her professed respect in the society. She can play her role efficiently if she earns proper value, respect and education. Educating a man means edacate a person; educating a woman means educate the whole family. Educate your daughters and sisters for better tomorrow.

Respect woman, Respect Society!

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