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Wazir Burhan Ali 

The loyal & dedicated services of Pakistan Army for the motherland is highly appreciated & unprecedented. The way they rendered their high expertise for the people of Pakistan is matchless. Today we are living in a peaceful & democratic culture is the blessings of Pakistan Army. From disaster to every incidents which occurs here are handled by our brave Heros. We the peaceful lovers of Pak can’t forget their holy sacrifices done for the common people of Pak. How we can forget the Holy blood of Lt Col Amir Waheed Awan,Maj Khalid Capt Zameer Anbass ,Col Sohail Abid & thousands others which have sacrifice their today for our tommorow. How we can forget the Heros of Kargil? We are unaware about their contributions for the land. Before putting blames on Pak Army first we should visit the families of the martyrs which have shed their blood for us. So that the ignorant people like us will know the services done by them for us. The hostile agencies are trying to betray the people of Pak by spreading false materials regarding our Arm Forces & very sorry to mention that some among us are fulfilling the desires of those hostile agencies & putting the fake blames on Pakistan Army. That’s unhealthy sign for us. In social media the ignorant workers from some parties are blaming & defaming our Arm Forces. Such actions should not be tolerated at any cost. We should keep one thing in mind that individuals have no importance. State interest should be on first priority. Our prosperity is directly proportional to the best interest of pakistan. Yes do politics . Do support the political parties but don’t sacrifice state interest for the parties. Iam also a political worker but belief on state interest. We do belief that Pakistan Arnu is the life line for us. The common man like me feels that the blames should now been closed. We should come farward with new ideas for the strengthening the roots of pakistan.

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