Why Hunza’s political leadership does not come-out from royal palace/by Muhammad Panah

It is common criticism of Hunza public that the political leadership persist in the royal palace from decades; they also complain that royal family member do not give chance others to contest election. It is the worse reality that people have many disagreements with the royal political leadership, but by end of election who opposes them they give their supports to win them. It is confusing scenario for the common voters to understand it; however here is some political seriousness that gives chance to the royal family to win election.

First, when Hunza state abolished in 1974 that time the big population were premature about the democratic system of governance; because the entire public were under control of autocratic governance system from hundreds years. For that reason the royal family had deep influence on the public, it took decades to come out from that system.

Second, its geographic location was the major cause of political darkness; common people had no easy access to the rest parts of country. The common public had prohibited to go out of the region without permission of state- man. It is fact that those people were allowed go out of the state’s territory, who had deep relation with royal family.

Third; when the Hunza state was broken and imposed democratic system of governance that time federal government had no public mobilization strategy to educate general public the importance of democratic system. It created two big aggressive groups pro-Mir and anti- Mir that made social division and these two groups did not ever came on one platform for political solutions. It was biggest dividing strategy and rules again and again; this tactic is still continued by the ruler but the public do not understand it despite having highest literacy rate.

Fourthly, before and after abolishment of Hunza state, many civil society organizations are being formed in the region; most educated people engaged on them and political part is unconsciously or deliberately ignored. The community durable serving part (politic) is kept for the royal family and it was common direction for the youth to stay away from the politics, unfortunately the same attitude still exists in the society.

Fifth; initially ( that time’s revolutionist) or moderate political activists from the region tried to broke the traditional approach of leadership through contesting election against the royal candidate; it was indeed big changes for traditional voter’s mind. Whenever they lost the election they went away from the region and did not come back gain in the public.  Again the political ground remained open for them; they played again and again and won again and again.  The same culture is continue in Hunza public badly feel leadership deficit in the district. Recently honourable court disqualified the Hunza district elected member’s representation from Gilgit-Baltistan assembly, but the district is running without public representation. Currently more qualified professional but unpopular political personals desire to contest election and serve for the community, but their method of campaign is unpolitic; they use social media and live far away from the region to deliver their massages to the public. It still uncalculated fact that how many percentage of the region population use social media; whether they understand their massage or not is the separate debate. Because of remoteness and living in the mountainous part, most people have no access to the social media; it question mark for the social media campaigners, how could be impart them in political change. It is political theory and practices that without candidate’s presence in the public, nobody can win election.

It is realty that only those candidates can contest and win election whoever led the community in the bad and good times; they live in the public and work for the community upliftment in every time and occupy political positions.

The real leaders think about development, believe on development and step forward for the development with people’s participation.

Whoever leader live the public they know their behaviour and make strategy to get votes; without leaders engagement in public and wining expectation could be “myth and day dreaming”.

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