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Upper Hunza mountain resources at risk
Ali Qurban Maghani.
In mountain region of upper Hunza (Gojal) incompatible education and irrelevant technology took the social and economical tradition and culture at risk.
Settled centuries ago by the people from upper Hunza has remained in a strong pocket of social and economical traditional Wakhies. When the Chinese clumped down with KKH from the north in 1968, their independent occupation of farming and herding started to change into dependant source of income like getting work in down cities of Pakistan, joining military as soldiers or getting teaching jobs in elementary schools etc.
The continuous discontinuity of farming, herding and leaving organic food left the people physically and mentally no where. They ought to tend towards farming and herding but they become inspired by the artificial and meager sources of income. Even till now large numbers of people are in cities on living wages to keep themselves in an artificial shell of status.
Today crop fields changed into barren for nothing. Fruit gardens are withered and without trees. Sheds, corals and milking stalls (vandan) disappeared from the surface of town and pastures. The culture and tradition of pastures are now targeted of surrounding intruders to occupy it for the purpose of their mining and parking.
The lack of technical and technological and skillful education left youth of the area rudderless. The role of local, religious and government institutions remained tardy and inactive. Thats why today the youth socially, economically and traditionally reached at the verge of disaster. The so called Agriculture and Livestock Development Department is unknown for a large number of people in Gilgit Baltistan. No one knows what is going on in the department. The foreign funded NGOs like AKRSP, AKDN and ETI kept the people in delusion.
The local institutions are substantially dominated by religious clergy, who are driving the community and youth on their tunneled way of thinking and epitomize each and ever thing with the precept of their lord. The dominated precept degenerated the youth into tunneled vision. And youth in large number are without work, because they are incomputable with the time based competition. They spend disproportionate time on KKH with peripheral activities. Wearing European disposed jeans and shirts to cover their body. Their faces are covered with Taliban style scruffy beards.
For them nothing left relish except pungent liquor (araq) buying from greedy and dishonest Chinese. They are getting pleasure by Chinese liquor or by the drink of death of local botch manufactured toxic booze with huge loss of lives and money. Very often drunken revelries celebrating with sound of drums and cries. Dancing with music blasting from big speakers the inebriated boozers vent their frustration and depressions in various occasions. Thirty to forty percent parents got sick of their boys. They left with no option except to commit suicide.
Lack of family and social cohesiveness made the people mentally hyper reflexive. It widened gapes between young and old, educated and uneducated, poor and rich, advantaged and disadvantaged etc.

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