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Furqan Ali

It’s known as mini Swaziland, the crime rate is about zero!! These are the words which mingle in my mind when i think of my mother land. But rising of suicide rate forced me to rise my pen and confess my little understanding .

Today i vow to confess this momentous issue. How can anyone decline parental love and commit suicide? Have we ever think our parents who nurtured us from cradle! Our mother who sacrificed her nights for our comfort who feed us not even cared about her own sleep. Meanwhile dad, who sacrificed his whole life for the betterment of his children.

They nurtured us just for suicide as an owe?? Have we ever think of them? From the commence they consider their children as a source for their old age. But when we grow up and its time to owe them ardor, food and comfort we fist! And we opt to suicide just because of a very minor reasons (minor respectively parental rights). Have we ever think of their dismay? Its serene! Isn’t its mess? Isn’t its rough!! Maybe if people would open up about the hurts and pains that come with life, if people would really listen to those who were crying out for help this is how we can cope the viral issue like suicides .

It’s not starve that cause suicides in GB, its lack of understanding and its only because of emotional decisions. Lets reckon, is suicide is an appreciative act? Lets rekindle the idea of living a happy life in light of Islam and modern society! Lets join hands to abolish suicides from our society and make our society an ideal society.



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