Gilgit-Baltisan, land of tourist’s allurement/ by Muhammad Panah

Gilgit-Baltistan’s geographical location in term of strategic boarder with rest of neighbouring countries is more consideration to the world socialist and capitalist powers. It is economic power gaining gate-way for each block and they want to retain their existence in the region at any cost. Along having the strategic and economic importance, it is the part of natural resource and human capital for hospitality and peace for tourists all over the world. This part remained unpopular for many decades even in Pakistani majority citizen its legal identity is still dispute for Pakistani state despite occupying the abundant of natural and human resources.

When the China Pakistan Economic (CEPC) agreement is signed between the two countries than Pakistani government took more interest this part then before.  Many federal politicians came in the region for their parts political campaign and saw the beautiful landscape and took interest to study the region, after 75 years as a conditional part of federal government, majority of Pakistani citizens knew about G.B through social, electronic and print media. In their speeches in the G.B and more importantly to entire election campaign, they declared the region Switzerland and attracting national tourist toward Gilgit-Baltistan. It is important to national and international tourists to deep-know about the Gilgit-Baltistan, therefore is region is called Switzerland but no having political rights and living under miserable condition despite having abundant of natural, social and human capitals.

  • It is tolerant, passionate and brotherhood multiethnic society and living peacefully form the decade devouring harsh geographic situation and absence of economic generation opportunities. The 65 archeologically sites are discovered in the entire G.B and many yet conceivably undiscovered. The archaeological sites existence reflects its multi-ethnic diversification of the region.
  • The region ancient Silk Route was passed through this territorial part for trade purpose for several hundreds and the Chian and central Asian countries Muslim pilgrimages were used the same route to go Makka to pay Haj.
  • Hundreds years multi- religions co- existence testimony reflect from different archaeological sites, in the passage of time  different Sufi and preachers come to the region and preached Islam. Tens of Sufi and saints shrines exist in the entire region, where thousands of people go there to retain the relationship master between disciples.
  • Different ethnic group have their own exclusive social capital and living standard in the different small part of the region, for that reason different 23  historical buildings (forts) reflect  its enrich cultural diversification.
  • The region is comprises on high mountains and fountains; thousand kinds of medicinal plants are exist at the top of the mountains without its meaningful utilization; while the follower fragrance attract thousands tourists all over the world.
  • Gilgit-Baltistan is the junction of three world largest mountain ranges (Karakurm, Himalya and Hinukush). It attracts thousands of national and international tourists come to see the wonderful points yearly.
  • There are five peaks over 8000 meters, 101 below 800 highest peaks and second highest peak of the world exist in the resourceful land. inclusively having  the highest peaks, this land also contain 5100 glaciers, on the bases of peaks and glaciers this part is called water towers and land of water hub to supply water south of Pakistan’s plain fertile land to produce agriculture production and generate hydro-power  to the biggest population of the country.
  • The glaciers and highest mountains falling water transformed in 119 beautiful lakes, therefore thousands of national international tourist’s yearly visit these lakes and enjoy the natural.
  • B was landlocked region earlier construction of KKH, local people were economically and socially 100% inter-dependent within the region. Their life style was completely organic in term social, cultural of foods. The community and government formed 4 national parks in Gilgit-Baltistan. Currently almost of local community organization has conserved, prevent the wild animal from the poacher and  offering trophy hunting play to the local and international outfitters.
  • Gigit-Baltistan is the region; having four moderate seasons in a year; it is the cheapest destination to the national tourists to entertain the season within their country.
  • Polo game was the national game of former small princely states of Gilgit-Baltisan, they had constructed 75 polo grounds in their respective states. Presently some parts of the region people are still playing this expansive game.  These polo grounds are open-to those tourists; who are riders and polo players.

Above mentioned G.B magnificent tourist opportunities are the huge potential for wealth generation for local people; if they are given chance for its utilization.  The ruling party of Pakistan PTI took enormous steps to open tourism promotion doors through making visa process easier. Now it is the responsibility of government to design low-rate financing mechanism for the local people, from that they can construct infrastructures to accommodate the tourists in the area and enhance human capacity in the sector of tourism industries.

Tourists inflow is an opportunity for the local people but spreading pollution in the touristic spots are the alarming situation for the same people, they voluntarily clean-up the wastage but it would not continue more-ever. Therefore prime responsibilities of local government to form waste management team at district level to collect and dispose the garbage and wastages from the touristic points .

Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Department may do many things for the tourism promotion in the area, but now it is time to build strong coordination with district level civil societies to deliver its effective manner services at grassroots.

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