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GOJAL: Faqir Ullah Khan

Gojal : Passu-Shimhal community members during the boundary stone laying ceremony held at Afdaighr Nala and Shu Gardan | PassuTimes Photo

Passu-Shimshal Boundary Stone Laying Ceremony; More than 70 members of Passu and Shimshal community including elders and youth came to the Avdegar Nala and Shue Gardan area en route to Shimshal Valley and fixed the stones for their mutually agreed boundary line in 1991.

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All the elders and youth were happy to be part of the ceremony. After stone lying all the members moved to Dut where lunch were served to the visitors from both sides and the musical program was also arranged to thrill the audiences to remind them their old age memories.

The visitors were consisting of Community leaders, Council Members, Arbitration and Reconciliation Board Members, Passu Development Organization officials, Shimshal Nature Trust officials and political activists with many youth from both villages.

Passu Times Photo

Passu Times Photo

They shared there good memories together and safely returned home.

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  1. Heartfelt Congratulations to Both the Villagers and Leaders of the respective villages of Passu and Shingshal.

    Good example for rest of the Villages of Gojal and GB. EXAMPLE FOR REST OF VILLAGES WITH IN VALLEY OF HUNZA.


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